5200 Multi-Axis

5200 Multi-Axis
  • Simultaneously measures Thrust Fz and Mx & My moments
  • Thrust axis function same as 1200 series
  • Thrust and moment stiffness are both very high
  • Base Included
  • Optional torsion output


Built on the 1200 series Precision design these units have additional outputs for X & Y Moments making it possible to monitor off-axis loads for information about alignment accuracy. The standard 'thrust' output has the accuracy and performance of the 1200 series units making this unit very suitable for calibration applications.

New European proposals have been suggested to introduce off-axis load monitoring into current Standards such as ISO-7500/1 and ISO-376.

Features & Benefits


  • Simultaneously measures Thrust and 2 moments perpendicular to the thrust axis.
  • Thrust axis performance as per 1200 Series.
  • Thrust stiffness and moment stiffness are both very high due to low profile construction.



Options & Accessories

  • Custom Capacities

  • Additional Torsion bridge

  • Connector Protector(s)

  • Custom connector(s)

Package Contents

  • 5200 Multi Axis Load Cell
  • Mating connectors
  • NIST traceable calibration certificate